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We obtained our Arizona Private Investigative License in 2001, our staff and associates possess over 150 years of combined experience and professional training in law enforcement, public safety, homeland security, the military, and the Private Security Industry. We are able to provide practical, innovative, and comprehensive investigative and litigation support in criminal, civil, and administrative matters alike.


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Comprehensive Investigations, Litigation and Attorney Support Services and Consulting

Our investigators are experts in:

  • Administrative negligence
  • Agency policies, practices and customs
  • Deadly force; shooting avoidance and alternatives
  • Employment discrimination (hiring/promotions) or sexual harassment
  • Employee Dishonesty Investigations
  • Failure to Protect Specific Persons
  • Freedom of Information/Release of Police Reports to Public
  • Inadequate Premises Security
  • Insufficient or inadequate training
  • K-9 Deployment and Training
  • Retention of a known unfit employee or negligent entrust of a weapon
  • Search and Seizure
  • Security Policies and Procedures
  • Standards of discipline, internal affairs procedures, (in)adequate punishment
  • Workplace Violence
  • Street Violence
  • Guardianship Matters
  • Conservatorship Matters
  • Photographic/Audio/Video Evidence
  • Photoshop
  • Fidelity Matters
  • Comprehensive Background Investigations
  • Opposition Research 

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Office: 520-260-5887


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