I was invited to participate in the Arizona Military Standdown Event in Phoenix, AZ.

My goal in going was to be able to help homeless vets find family members they have not been touch for years. Maybe they wanted to get off the street and reconnect with their parents, spouses, children or other loved ones.

Another goal was to help them connect with old battle buddies or other members from the unit they served with. Having lived with a father who served in Vietnam with severe PTSD, I understand the need to reach out and connect with people who went through the same thing or were there with them during a moment in their military career. Sometimes just connecting can help with PTSD.

While I was there, a journalist with The Arizona Daily Star asked me to find someone from his past. I did so within minutes. He was so happy, he wanted to share what I can do with his readers. He wrote an article up in the Veteran’s Voice telling his readers of my services to Vet’s.

I have done many searches for Vet’s after they read the article. This is the reason for my blog. I want to share the stories with you. They are heartwarming and positive and sure to cheer your day.

I am a Private Investigator by trade, but this is also my hobby. I did not serve, I have not protected our country from anything~this is how I thank the Vet’s for serving and dying to protect our United States of America.

Thank you!!!