Genealogy Services

Interested in finding your ancestors? Lost family members? Old military buddies?
We provide these services for a nominal fee:


We have spent years helping clients find family members in the course of our investigations. Now we offer genealogy investigations to help find ancestors and family history. Using online resources we can help you discover your family tree. With the information you provide to get us started—we have the experience and passion to help you reach your family history goals, large or small.​

$100 for the initial search. $75 per hour after that. If you want a full tree for as far back as we can go, we require a retainer of $1000. That will cover the initial fee and 12 hours of research. We will search for your ancestors as far back as you want.

Family Members

We are professional and knowledgeable investigators with many years of locating family and friends.
We can do a basic search for a family member or friend; give you the information we find or we can continuing searching and reaching out on your behalf.

The basic search fee is $100. This is for one name and up to 3 search engines we use. If we come up with anything, we give the information to you. If we do not find anything, we can search again for a discounted fee of $75 for another 3 search engines and so on. If you would like us to follow up and reach out to the family member or friend, our charge is $45 an hour, with a retainer of $450 for 10 hours.

Military Service Members

Looking for battle buddies? Old military roommates? Members of your Unit? We can help. We have multiple upon multiple search engines we can access as Private Investigators to find your old buddy.

Military Veteran’s fee of $55 (with proof of past/current service), all others the fee is $100. (See information in Family Member section above for what this service entails.)