Comprehensive Professional Investigators will provide you with the information needed to avoid surprises, assist in resolving unavoidable disputes, disprove or expose weaknesses in your adversaries allegations, and support your litigations strategies.

Criminal Investigations

-Pre-trial, Post-Conviction, Appeal.

We will:
-Identify, gather, process, preserve evidence;

– Conduct physical Interviews of witnesses, officers and other investigative leads involved (audio, video and sworn affidavits);

– Identify witnesses and conduct background checks on defendants, witnesses and deposition subjects;

– Perform sophisticated computer forensic audits and other types of analysis;

– Take photographic, audio and video evidence;

– Provide link or flow charts that offer a revealing graphic view of relationships among people, places and important events;

– Prepare a detailed timeline of your case, providing a visual perspective of what transpired;

– Review forensic, testimonial and media (computer, physical, autopsy, photographic, audio/visual etc.) evidence;