Our Mission

Our Mission at Integrity Security Solutions, Inc.

We also possess a broad knowledge and experience base in the police and security K-9 field, having handled, trained, and developed a significant number of police and corporate security patrol, protection, and detection K-9’s internationally. We have also provided guidance and developed K-9 teams and units for law enforcement, corporate security, and the private sector as well.

Our company has provided litigation support, critical case review, and expert consultation and testimony at the local, state, and federal level, for plaintiffs, respondents, and defense teams, on use of force matters, professional standards, internal affairs investigations, K-9 use, deployment, and training.

We possess a diverse knowledge and experience skill set that has been gained at the local, state, federal, military, and international level, with an emphasis on ethics, integrity, liability, policies, practices, procedures, training, and other recognized industry standards surrounding the public safety, homeland security, and private security industry.Our agency has been licensed in the State of Arizona since 2001, a woman and veteran owned small business operated right here in Sierra Vista, AZ, with local, national, and international investigative, training, and consulting experience.

We may be locally owned and operated but we have contacts throughout Arizona, the United States, and internationally. With our combined experience, knowledge and skill sets, we have developed contacts, formed joint ventures and associations throughout the international community of law enforcement, public safety and security.