Here is another “find” I have been able to be a part of for a Military Veteran. His initial letter: Feb 21, 2015


Got your info from Art Sloane.

Trying to find a Pxxxx X. Morales. He was a draftee stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky in 72-73. He was from the Los Angeles, California area.

That is all the info I have. think you can help me?


Steve Hughey

Mr. Hughey,
I hope this is the Pxxxx Morales you are looking for. As I stated in the earlier email, their are no other names or information matching who you were looking for. I was not able to pull up any information connecting him with the military, but that could be for many reasons. His data could have been missed in putting the info into a computer, or files were destroyed, etc.

So, here is the info I can find on Pxxxx X Morales (dates in parenthesis shows time frame of residence at address) Please let me know how things go. Would love to hear the story and pray that it is a positive one.

840 E XXXXXXXXXXXX, AZUSA, CA 91702-2605 (LOS ANGELES COUNTY) (10/2008 to 03/02/2015)

The phone numbers I found are not 100% positive feedback. But I will give them to you just in case they are Pxxxx’s.
(626) xxx-xxxx (98%)
(626) xxx-xxxx (98%)
The address he is listed at is a mobile home park.
Here is the number to the office: I called and verified this one is correct.
(626) xxx-xxxx – XXXXXXX VISTA MOBILE PK
I found an email, but am not sure how old it is. People go through emails quite fast 🙂
Good Luck in your reunion!
Shelly Cloud

Testimonial: I had been trying off and on for over 42 years to find an old Army buddy I was stationed with at Fort Knox Kentucky with no luck whatsoever.

His last name is Morales and all I knew was he lived in the Los Angles area at the time.

A couple of weeks ago there was an article in our paper in the Veterans section that said “Shelly Cloud” specialized in finding old military friends. So I thought, “what do I have to lose”?

I sent her an email and gave her his name, where he was stationed and when, the unit we were assigned to and the city he lived in prior to Fort Knox. Within in a few short days Shell sent me an email with three people. One of them had a middle name (which I had forgotten). She sent me information with an address and two possible telephone numbers. the first # I got voice mail and left my contact info. The second #; I knew when he answered “it was him”!

Needless to say he was VERY surprised to hear from me after 42 years! We were only able to talk for about 10 minutes because he had to get to work. But we plan on talking again and possibly meet with two other guys who were in the same unit.

THANK YOU “Shelly Cloud”! You are a true miracle worker and I could not be more happy with your service! Now I’m scrolling my memory for other buddies to have you find.

Thank You again from the bottom of my heart. God Bless You!

Steve Hughey
Chandler, AZ