Since the article in the Arizona Daily Star I have received many requests to find military friends. But, I have also received requests outside of the norm. One request came from a gentleman who’s son had found a ring out shrimping.
Here is his letter dated February 21, 2015:

Hi Shelly, I read in the news paper Veterans Voice that you are able to locate veterans. Several years ago I found a ring that once belonged to a WW 2 veteran and have tried several ways to locate family members to return the ring to them. The ring appears to be of Army emblem and inscribed inside is ” Sgt S Kapture, ASN 20632280 with the date of 1/1/1943″.
Also I have a medical ID bracelet, U.S. Navy inscribed H. C. Sullivan, 377 40 32, USN FL T. that I would like to return to the family.

If it helps any these items were found while fishing in the Jacksonville, FL area in late 1980’s.

I would appreciate any assistance you could provide on either item.

Howard Lauer, USAF, Ret

This is what I found for him, my email dated February 23, 2015:

Full Name:
Steve J Kapture
Buried: Buried at: Plot B Row 2 Grave 11
Florence American Cemeter y
Florence, Italy
Death: 22-Sep-44
Death Date: 22 Sep 1944
Memorial Cemetery: Florence American Cemetery
Memorial Country: Florence, Italy
Memorial Location: Plot B Row 2 Grave 11
State: Michigan

World War II
Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army
Service Number:
Silver Star, Purple Heart
168th Infantry Regiment, 34th Infantry Division
He was born in 1918, had only one year of high school, no spouse or children. He lived with his stepdad and mother, brother and sister. I looked for the sister as she was the younger of the two. Her married name was Helenxxxxx. She died Oct 17, 1997. I found who I believe is her son. His information is provided below.

XXXXXXXXXXX, CLIO, MI 48420-9766 (GENESEE COUNTY) (07/1985 to Present)
Possible Phones
(810) XXX-XXXX

Mr. Lauer followed up and sent me this letter.

Dear Shelly, after years of searching, my son found the ring in Jacksonville Florida while casting his shrimp net in 1988, you were able to provide me with the information I needed. I was reading an article in the Surprise AZ Community news written by Mr. Art Sloane in which he mentioned that you were able to locate a friend of his in a very short time. He put you’re contact information in the article. I had tried numerous veteran units organizations to track the owner of the ring without any results. I have also posted information about the ring on face book and other media contacts without results.
I thought to myself what have I got to loose and provided you with the same information that I had provided others. Within a few days you came with up all the information on the veteran in question to include the site of his burial in Italy. Just today I was able to speak to the nephew of the veteran, who himself is 74 years of age, that has a picture of his uncle hold him when he was a baby. He and his brother never knew where or when their uncle had died. I could tell when speaking to him that it brought a little closure to that part of their family history. I am mailing the ring along with the information you provided to me to the nephew in Clio MI on March 9, 2015.
This brings closure to me also. Knowing that the ring will come to rest with the family members of the WW 2 Veteran. I cannot thank you enough for you’re research which came so I can complete a mission of many, many years, that mission was for the return of the ring.

I remain ever thankful, Howard F Lauer, MSgt USAF, Ret.

I received a call last week from a Flint, Michigan reporter. They got a hold of the information about the ring and wrote up a little piece. My name is wrong, but you get the gist 🙂

World War II veteran’s ring netted in Florida river makes it home to Flint-area family after decades-long search